Are you looking for a Woolrich jacket or parka in Rome?

Banchetti Sport in Rome presents the new Woolrich 2016 winter collection with all the jackets and arctic parkas in every colour, for men, women and children.Discover the new Woolrich spring/summer collection.


The Woolrich brand, known for outdoor clothing, was launched in Pennsylvania in 1830.


In Italy and Europe the Woolrich John Rich and Bros line is distributed, which became famous especially for the parka that soon turned into a winter clothing classic.

Woolrich is not just parkas and winter jackets: at Banchetti Sport in the centre of Rome you'll find all the Woolrich summer collections , suitable for every occasion.



Banchetti Sport is a historic landmark for the Woolrich in Romebrand: always up to date with new models in the whole range.


You'll find a range of Woolrich jackets and parkas available to buy online in our online shop, but come to visit our store in the centre of Rome to see the quality, warmth, fashion and style of Woolrich parkas for yourself.

Discover the new Woolrich collections in Rome, the largest selection right in the historic city centre.


You'll find our Woolrich discounts in our online shop: a great way to buy your Woolrich at a bargain price.



original quality and certification

woolrich furs
Woolrich fur
Woolrich fox fur

The images show, in order: raccoon, coyote and fox fur.


The racoon fur used by Woolrich is the Finland Finn variety, sourced through the renowned and certified Saga Fursauction house.Breeders need to meet animal welfare, health, hygiene and training conditions to be certified.


The coyote fur used in the Woolrich collection comes from hunters using certified Canadian traps.The Canadian trap-hunting community depends on coyotes for its livelihood; their practices therefore reflect a respect for nature and the desire to preserve these animals for future generations. No endangered species are used.


95% of the fox fur used in Woolrich clothing is the Saga-certified Finland Foxvariety.The fur comes from a country that has rules governing fur production, and its origin is declared.


100 percent traceability of the down and the feather

Woolrich uses duck down and feathers, not goose.The company chooses to use duck because it's a by-product of the food industry.


All the down and feathers used for the 2016 autumn/winter collection are fully certified by internationally recognised institutes and independent laboratories, such as the International Down and & Feather Bureau (IDFB).


No duck down or feathers come from live, forced-fed or mistreated animals; our suppliers only buy down from farms that guarantee the welfare of their poultry.60 per cent of the materials comes from local farms in Europe, while the remaining 40 per cent comes from certified Asian suppliers.


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