Do you know Parajumpers?


It is a brand born from the experience of the Italian designer Massimo Rosetti, whose idea was born from a bar in Alaska with a member of the 210th Rescue Squadron (the national airforce). "Parajumpers" are brave, better trained than any other military body, but the most important thing is that they use their skills and techniques to save lives. From this inspiration, and in extreme conditions is born the line of technological and functional outerwear, Parajumpers.

In our shop in the centre of Rome, you will find the Parajumper winter clothing line, garments made of nylon and fitted with padded lining and removable hood with fur trim. The Parajumpers winter jackets have big cargo style pockets with zippers, useful for ipads, mobile phones etc.

Come and experience the winter collection of Parajumpers jackets in our shop in the historic center, you will understand that a piece of winter clothing apart from protecting you from the cold, can also be practical, functional and most of all fashionable...

Banchetti Sport is the only sportswear shop selling Parajumpers in Rome, come and try them on!

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