The Arct'teryx name stands for Archaeopteryx Lithographica, a winged reptile that during its evolution has learned to soar upwards and to the future and whose image is also the symbol of the brand.

The Canadian brand Arct'teryx was born in the 90s as a clothing line for climbers and outdoor enthusiasts and it can combine comfort, protection and high performance.

It is the technological evolution and the search for new materials among other benefits that contribute to the brand that specialises in extreme outdoors, but at the same time it is practical and still fashionable

The goal of Arc'teryx is to create unparalleled designs with the best quality, using the most efficient materials and assembling them in the most innovative and most durable way for the intended use.


Arct'teryx uses the unique Coreloft material, composed of fibers of polyester in bow shapes of different sizes, so the different formats are compacted to trap air and retain heat.

At Banchetti Sport in Rome, the only authorized retailer of the central south, you can find the latest winter collections of Arct'teryx, technical jackets and trousers for winter and outdoor.

We will be able to advise you on why you should choose the Arct'teryx brand and their products!

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